Philippine Unigames 2010 - Paugnat sa Negros Oriental


To make your stay more comfortable and safe, we would like to request your utmost cooperation in observing the following house rules:

  1. General supervision of the billeted athletes and coaches is the responsibility of the Delegation Head and the Team Officials.
  2. Wearing of ID is required at all times. We observe the “No ID, No Entry” policy. Everyone has to log in/log out with the security personnel at the gate.
  3. Illegal drugs and other substances are strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
  4. Bringing in and drinking of alcoholic drinks is not allowed. A billeted delegate may be refused entry if he/she is highly intoxicated and exhibits inappropriate behavior.
  5. The school observes the “No Smoking Policy” in the whole campus.
  6. Gambling and similar activities are not permitted.
  7. Please maintain the cleanliness of the billeting area by being responsible for your own personal trash (feminine napkins, water bottles, leftover food etc.).  Trash bins have been designated for this purpose.
  8. It is your personal responsibility to safeguard your personal belongings (cash, cell phones, laptops, documents and other valuables).
  9. Persons of the opposite sex are not allowed in your quarters. Guests/Outsiders are to be entertained at the designated receiving area.
  10. Always be considerate of the other person as you share in our facilities. No shouting, running in the lobby, and banging of doors.
  11. Vandalism or the destruction of any part of the billeting area is punishable with a minimum fine of P1,000 plus the cost of repairs/replacement caused by the damage. Check-out clearance is placed on hold until arrangements have been made to settle all accountabilities. 
  12. Campus curfew is at 11PM. You are encouraged to be at the billeting area 10 minutes before the time.
  13. Should a billeted delegate need any medical attention or is ill, please contact immediately the school designated billeting officer.  Please feel free to make other arrangements if you so desire.


Note: Area code for Dumaguete is 035.

BSP GUEST HOUSE, at the Capitol area, has two 19-pax dorms.  Tel:  225-2818.  

HOME QUEST LODGE, along Silliman Ave. at Bantayan, has 12 rooms with or without bath (1 non-aircon single/double and 11 aircon single/double/family).  Tel: 225- 3327.  Aircon (+ 12% VAT): Single – P250.00; Double – P370.00; Family – P695.00

GAZEBO PENSION HOUSE, along Cervantes St., has 18 aircon rooms with bath and cable TV and offers laundry and bellboy service.  Tel: 225-0579 & 225-6246.  Single – P600.00; Double- P700.00; Twin sharing – P850.00; Family (3) – 1,200.00 | Extra bed – P150.00, extra person – P150.00

GSP GUEST HOUSE at the Capitol Area, has two 10 -pax dorms.  Tel: 225-0887.    

HOTEL CAMILA, along Real St., has 20 rooms with bath (12 aircon single/de luxe/economy and 8 non-aircon single), restaurant (J & O), coffee shop, conference/function rooms and offers laundry, bellboy and shuttle service.  Tel: 226-3244 & 0922-859-0388 Single/double (2) – P650.00; De Luxe (4) – 850.00; Business class (4) – P950.00 | Additional bed – P350.00

INSULAR FLINTLOCK HOTEL, at 55 Silliman Ave., has 16 rooms (9 aircon and 7 non-aircon single/double), restaurant, and lounge room and offers laundry, bellboy and mailing service.  Tel: 422-6196 & 225-1818.  With aircon: Single – P570.40; Double – P706.80; Triple – P892.80; Family – P1,116.00 | With fan: Single – P450.15; Double – P552.45 | Extra charges: bed – 223.20, mattress- 155.00.

LA RESIDENCIA ALMAR, at cor.  Rizal Blvd. and San Juan St., is set in a Spanish-style villa.  It has 17 aircon rooms (seafront de luxe/standard, family, executive suites with balcony, executive de luxe), restaurant and offers laundry, safety deposit box and bellboy service.  Tel: 225-7100, 422-0889, 220-0888, 225-4719 & 225-4567.  Fax: 422-8449   

OPENA'S HOTEL, at 18 Katada St., near Hibbard Ave., has 13 rooms with bath (7 aircon and 6 non-aircon single/double), fastfood restaurant (Lola Pinang's), 50-80-pax conference room and offers laundry, catering and mailing service.  Tel: 421-0048 & 225-0595. Aircon: Single – P600.00; Double – P750.00; Double w/ extra person – P800.00; Family (5) – P900.00

GRAND PENSIONNE PLAZA, along San Jose St., has 13 rooms with bath and TV (9 aircon and 4 non-aircon), restaurant, bar and offers laundry and bellboy service.  Tel: 225-1577.  Single – P650.00; Double – P750.00; Twin sharing – P880.00; Family (3) – P980.00; Family (4) – P1,200.00; Family De Luxe (3)- P1,100.00

YMCA GUEST HOUSE, along North Road, National Highway, has 16 rooms (4 aircon and 12 non-aircon single/double/ triple), canteen, conference room, bowling inn and offers laundry and catering service.  Contact Margie @ 422-402  Aircon (w/ CR & bath): Dorm type (6) – P780.00 + 4 extra beds @ P100.00 each;  4 in a room – P600.00 + 2 extra beds @ P100.00 each